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Mixed-medium creations

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Each piece I create is unique and has its own story

 I am inspired by nature and the ecological stories that surround us to create artworks using natural materials and thoughtful craftsmanship 

As well as expressing myself through garden design, I create sculptures, paintings, and installations which lend themselves to ecological processes and are an expression of my experiences and passion.



A path design within a garden which allows moss to grow between the slate - making it beautiful, ecological functional


In this amazing world, everything is intricately woven together, forming fascinating connections. From the constant exchange between microbial communities in both environments and animal microbiomes to the reciprocal impact of global climatic processes on macro biomes.

IMG_1844 2.jpeg

As I delve deeper into these ecological connections, my appreciation for this mind-blowing world grows.
This piece, crafted from a recycled oak worktop, is carved and scorched to tell the story of connection.

It stands as a part of my ecological artwork, seeking to explore the opportunity of art to capture attention and inspire a love for eco-literacy.


Living wall art, representing mycelium networks in the soil. The primary Ecosystem engineers. Creating mutually beneficial relationships that are vital for almost all life to thrive. Sharing information and resources between plants, decomposing dead materials, mining minerals and creating the conditions for ever more complex ecosystems to prevail.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 16.43.10.png

Stone sculptural stacks in the garden adding habitat and structure


Minimal stone and scorched wood bench that blends into the landscape

Screenshot 2024-03-26 at 14.41.15.png

The edges of ecosystems where two populations of life merge, we see that here there is the most diversity. The edge of land where the sea rises and falls; wetlands, flooding and draining; and the places meadows merge with woodland. In these transitional ecologies, there are the features of both ecosystems, with additional unique features and species found in neither one alone. In human culture, where two or more culture meet, we see similar richness in the sharing of knowledge and experience.

These transitional edges, provide resilience and adaptability in times of stress and challenges. We should always value the edge.


Nature is in a constant state of succession. Dynamic and always changing. Without the disruption caused by forest fires, climate extremes and animal impact, we observe a reduction of biodiversity over time. Single species dominate until a disturbance sets back the clock. Scorched earth regenerates in succession. A cyclical cycle from bare earth to forests. Giving new opportunities for life to thrive.

Biodiversity will recover in time, coming back with increased diversity and health. The climate emergency is an opportunity for us to change. A catalyst so we learn to live in symbiosis with life.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Come and see my sculptural work at the Chelsea Flower Show 2024. A large scorched Oak sculpture representing the bowel, microbiome and ecological connection.

I am accepting commissions, open for collaborations and inviting  gallery representation. My work is deeply rooted in ecological understanding and hopes to inspire eco-literacy.

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