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Designed Edible Meadows

Beautiful and biodiverse wildflower meadows with edible plants found in meadows around the world


Edible Meadow Research

For the last 5 years, I have been carrying out research into the design and management of edible meadows. In spring 2020 I implemented my first trial beds with huge success. From one sowing, myself and clients had consistent harvests throughout the season from a beautiful flower meadow that thrived with wildlife and required very low maintenance. 

Edible meadow trial bed with 30 different edible species and a low percentage of Pictorial Meadows Pixie Mix for first year flowering.

Planting Service 

If you would like to experiment with an edible meadow I do offer the creation of these plantings. 


I do not currently offer seed mixes for people to implement themselves. These are designed and specified for the land, growing conditions and client's intentions. It can be a complicated planting to manage and I like to work with my clients on their creation and management.

Why Create An Edible Meadow 

An edible meadow is an exciting growing method for clients who want to push the boundaries of ecological gardening and experiment with their cooking. Bespoke plant mixes can be created for the desired products. Whether that is salad leaves, teas or a combination of roots, shoots, leaves and flowers. It is a method particularly suited to chefs who want to experiment with a wide range of unusual and rare ingredients.

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