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Designed Edible Meadows

Beautiful and biodiverse wildflower meadows with edible plants found in meadows around the world



A stunning wildflower meadow filled with a variety of flowers, buzzing bees, and alluring scents. Now, picture strolling through this meadow, foraging edible beans for preserving, leaves for stir-frys, and roots for roasting.

Edible meadow trial bed with 30 different edible species and a low percentage of Pictorial Meadows Pixie Mix for first year flowering.

What Is An Edible Meadow

Edible meadows are an innovative edible planting I have been experimenting with for the last 6 years. It is a designed planting that mimics the structure and habits of wildflower meadows and combines diverse edible plants from around the world. So to create a highly biodiverse, beautiful and low maintenance planting that can be foraged for food.



When people visualise meadows they usually imagine agricultural fields of wildflowers. That is not what I am discussing here. Edible meadows are a development of naturalistic planting design and agro-ecology. Inspired by the work of Nigel Dunnett and James Hitchmough and their designed horticultural meadow. Plus the work of Sepp Holzer and Masanobu Fukuoka on seeding vegetables, edible perennials and wildflowers to create abundant edible ecosystems. It is a development of these works with the intention to further our ability to live and grow in symbiosis with life.


Edible Meadow

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024

We are excited to be taking the edible meadow concept to Chelsea Flower Show. It will be an edible meadow for the microbiome. Containing three main edible theme plants. Camassia, Bistort and Lupin. All three have properties that support your microbiome.

Planting Edible Meadows

Offering the creation of edible meadows for private clients, restaurants and botanical gardens. It is a method particularly suited to chefs and experimental cooks who want to play with a wide range of unusual and rare plant ingredients.

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