Designed Edible Meadows

Edible plantings created to be beautiful, biodiverse and low maintenance.

Edible Meadow Research

For the last 5 years I have been carrying out research into the design of edible meadows. In spring 2020 I implemented my first trial beds with huge success. From one sowing myself, and my clients had consistent harvests throughout the season from a beautiful flower meadow that thrived with wildlife and required very low maintenance. 

Edible meadow trial bed with 30 different edible species and a low percentage of Pictorial Meadows Pixie Mix for first year flowering.


Seeding Ecological Plantings

Seeded plantings are one of my main passions and focus. There is so much potential to experiment and create super biodiverse, ethnobotanical and beautiful plantings. It has been my dream to create these large ecological plantings that have an abundance of plants used for food, medicine, dye and fibre. Tending the wild for plants useful to humans is not a new practice. There are many horticultural culture that have thrived for thousands of years whilst co-inhabiting with a diverse ecology. My work hopes to rekindle this dance with nature, tweaking plant ecology so that it nourishes our physical and mental health. 

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Flower Meadows are the rain forests of temperate climates. Ecological powerhouses that change peoples lives. They are such an important part of our history here in the UK. Once they would have covered much of are inhabited landscape. A habitat that has evolved over time in partnership with people. Disturbance caused by grazing animals and cutting for hay made the conditions perfect for diverse plant communities to thrive. The change of land use in recent times has seen around 98% of wildflower meadows lost. Throughout our history we have been dependant on these plant communities for food, livestock grazing, medicine and crafts. We have only recently lost this connection. There are so many benefits associated with the diverse floral plantings. 


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