Ecological Gardens

I work with plants to create places that nourish our physical and mental health, support a thriving ecology and display an natural aesthetic. 

My training in ethnobotany ties into all my designs. Creating gardens that not only look beautiful but produce food, teas and other ingredients. Working with nature to create ecosystems that support us and thrive with life.

Edible Gardens

Wetlands & Water

Water is key for living landscapes. Creating ponds or wetlands is one of the most beneficial things we can do for wildlife. I create plantings for wetlands, ponds and rain gardens. Ecological designs for wildlife and remediation of pollution.  

Commercial Clients

Plantings that improve the environmental credentials of your premises. Designed to attract cliental, increase ecological value and remove pollutants from the site. Providing ongoing management and consultancy for plantings.   

Residence At Bolenna, Perranporth "Creating the flower meadow has been the best thing I have done for marketing since opening"

Private Garden "The meadow has improved our social life, as all our friends and family want to visit and see the flower meadow"

Designed Flower Meadows

Flower Meadows are the rain forests of temperate climates. Ecological powerhouses that change peoples lives. I specialise in creating horticultural meadows. Designed for beauty, ecological value and long flowering season.  

Planting Design

Creating Plantings that echo the structure, habits and dynamism of wild plantings. Working with plants, we can resolve contemporary issues and improve life.

Ecological Garden Design

Bespoke ecological designs for gardens & landscapes. Working to create spaces that you can enjoy, feel proud of and improve your impact on the environment.

"We feel very lucky to have found Sid, His blend of enthusiasm, academic and practical abilities make him the perfect fit for our needs. The design and plan he has produced has really helped us envision the full potential of our little bit of land - for wildlife and for beauty. Really looking forward to working with him to turn it into reality. Thank you Sid." S.W, Perranporth

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