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Permaculture Land Coaching

Supporting people on the land, to regenerate ecosystems and provide for their needs


Do you need support on understanding your land, large garden or small-holding? Sometimes it can be overwhelming and difficult to see where focus your timet. The feeling  of not wanting to get things "wrong" can often stop us making a start. 

Over the years my passion for landscape and sustainability has led me to gain experience and knowledge in a wide range of regenerative practices. Allowing me to support my clients on their land, with the specific challenges they are facing. 

Previous clients have discibed 


Private Garden "The meadow has improved our social life, as all our friends and family want to visit and see the flower meadow"

Designed Flower Meadows

Flower Meadows are the rain forests of temperate climates. Ecological powerhouses that change peoples lives. I specialise in creating horticultural meadows. Designed for beauty, ecological value and long flowering season.  

"We feel very lucky to have found Sid, His blend of enthusiasm, academic and practical abilities make him the perfect fit for our needs. The design and plan he has produced has really helped us envision the full potential of our little bit of land - for wildlife and for beauty. Really looking forward to working with him to turn it into reality. Thank you Sid." S.W, Perranporth

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