Planting Design

Tending The Land

As an ecological gardener I work to create landscapes that connect people and wildlife, with thoughtful consideration of materials and techniques. Each action strives to adapt the environment to nourish our physical and mental health and support ecological diversity. The garden ecosystem provides a whole host of rippling effects into the wider environment and culture. 

Ethnobotanical Gardens

My training in ethnobotany ties into all my gardens. Creating gardens that not only look beautiful but produce food, teas and other ingredients. This is not new, the longest standing cultures have tended the wild to support their needs. It is only in recent history that we have forgotten how to provide for our own needs. 

An edible forest garden with diverse natural resources, flowers, trees and shrubs.


Gardening For Change

I approach landscapes and gardens as a steward of the land. Working with my clients towards a goal of thriving ecology, natural resources and beauty. Always creatively gardening towards tending the land for a sustainable future. 

Rewilding Land & Gardens

We can allow native plants to grow, whilst incorporating edible and medicinal plants in diverse plant communities. People have been doing this for thousands of years. In tropical climates people have practiced forest gardening and worked with the land to support them. North American’s tended the wild Prairies. Managing the land to favour their existence, whilst living with the wildlife. There are many other examples of people tending the wild to support themselves. It has only been in recent history that we have managed to “dominate” and “tame” the wild. My hope is that we can invite the wild back into our landscapes and actively work with it to support us and other life. Helping us secure a future where we live in symbiosis with wildlife.

An edible meadow with a salad of 18 different species from the diverse and beautiful flower meadow. 


We Are Nature

Today many people see nature as a resource to exploit or something that must be protected, separate from humans. Traditional ethnobotanical knowledge positions humans as a part of nature. Our actions influence the ecosystems around us and equally the health of ecosystems echo our  own health. Throughout the world we have forgotten how to work with the land & wildlife around us to provide for our needs. We depend on far away resources to support use from day to day. This pattern is degrading environments and life that we depend on for our ongoing existence. I help my clients work with the land to support their needs and wildlife.

"We feel very lucky to have found Sid, His blend of enthusiasm, academic and practical abilities make him the perfect fit for our needs. The design and plan he has produced has really helped us envision the full potential of our little bit of land - for wildlife and for beauty. Really looking forward to working with him to turn it into reality. Thank you Sid." S.W, Perranporth

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