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Consultation - Design - Plantings - Art

An ecological garden design, horticultural consultancy and creative practice with a focus on collaborating with plants to artfully regenerate environments.

Based in Totnes, Devon


Sid Hill is a multi-award winning ecological garden designer and artisan. With a passion for working with plants and ecology to creatively remediate contemporary issues and adapt to the climate emergency. Sharing his work via YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Specialising In:

Ecological Planting Design

Edible Ecosystems, Edible Meadows & Food Forests

Regenerative Land Management

Land Art & Garden Sculpture

"I was home-educated, my childhood was spent learning skills and permaculture on our family small-holding. I first became an ecological gardener and designer because I saw it as a way I could actively work to have a positive impact on the environment and society. It is time for humans to regenerate ecosystems and remediate the effects of climate change. I have spent my lifetime preparing myself to help people do this work"

Rain Garden.jpg

Landscape and Garden Design

I collaborate with clients to create bespoke ecological designs that support life and regenerate environments. I use innovative methods to rewild the land, rekindle our connection with nature and evoke minimalist natural aesthetic. 

To learn more visit Landscape and Garden Design


Ecological Planting Design:

Art, Ecology & Necessity 

Diverse and abundant plantings are necessary to create a future we want to live in. I specialise in creating ecological plantings for increased biodiversity, reduced maintenance and natural beauty.

To learn more visit Ecological Planting Designs

Garden and Landscape Consultation

I offer professional consultancy and garden coaching for clients that require support to find direction, reduce overwhelm and arrive at imaginative ecological solutions. I support private home owners, public gardens, educational centres, permaculture projects and professional garden designers.

To learn more visit Garden and Landscape Consultation 


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