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Creation of ecological gardens & landscapes. Based on the principles and philosophy of Permaculture. Working with nature to create beautiful, abundant and thoughtful places for people and wildlife. 

Designs that:

Provide an Ecological Food Source

Conserve & Enhance Soils

Artifully Catch and Store Water

Support Wildlife

Improve Lives

Sid Hill  is an award-winning garden and landscape consultant with a unique approach. A specialist in permaculture design, ethnobotany and regenerative land management. Combining these fields to provide a service with a focus on sustainability. 

'We have been blown away by the creative journey Sid has taken us on. Our outside space is now an ever-changing, stimulating landscape to get lost in every time we go outside. Last night we all foraged for leaves and tempura'd what we found in situ whilst the bees, beetles and bats foraged around us. It's not a garden; it's a new way of life for us. We started with the idea of creating a meadow, but on the way Sid changed us and our understanding. Now there are numerous habitats, sequestering carbon, fostering a palpable increase of diversity of species, that feeds us sustainably as well. Couldn't recommend Sid's vision highly enough. He has a joyful approach to plant and ecology geekery that is infectious. Grab his expertise and passion before he gets famous!' Dr E Jane


Follow my work and find inspiration on sustainability, plants and crafts.

"Sid has designed a wildlife friendly garden and then created it for us. We are so happy with the results which include an edible woodland which the wild birds and we are now enjoying. Sid is very productive, knowledgable, reliable and enthusiastic" Bea, Falmouth

Wild Edible Garden

A short video tour of an edible forest garden created by Sid. The garden mimics the structure of an open woodland, combining vertical layers of edible and useful plants. Under-sown with a wildflower mix and including artistic wildlife habitats. 

  • Biodiversity provides habitat & feed for wildlife

  • Abundant with fruit, greens, roots, medicine and tea plants

  • Natural beauty improves mental wellbeing


Trained By The Eden Project. 1st Class Honours Degree Horticulture. Specialising In Landscape Design & Ethnobotany

Awarded The 2015 Prince Of Wales Trophy In Sustainable Horticulture

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