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Nature Based
Planting Designs

Weaving naturalistic planting design and  edible plants to create abundant plant focused landscapes

Planting designs informed by ecology, inspired by indigenous land practice and utilising the tens of thousands of edible plants available to use today.

A prominent voice in the field of ecological horticulture.

"Sid challenges himself, his clients and the broader horticultural world to keep going, and go even further in re-imagining how horticulture is practiced and thought of in our world"

Jennifer Jewell Author & Cultivating Place Host


Thoughtful plantings for clients who wish to invest in creating places thriving with life. ​We design plantings for estates, private gardens, botanical gardens, for educational and public landscapes.



Our approach is rooted in the belief that landscapes can be both beautiful and ecologically functional, fostering biodiversity, resilience, and sustainability.

Our design process is focused on the concept of plant communities, considering the interactions and relationships between plants to create dynamic and resilient landscapes.

We create planting designs that serve ecological functions, such as supporting pollinators, providing habitat for wildlife, and improving soil health.

We promote the idea of layered planting, incorporating ground covers, herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees to create diverse and visually interesting landscapes.

We prioritise designing with adaptable and resilient plants that can withstand environmental challenges such as drought, extreme temperatures, and pests.

Our ecological planting designs are crafted to mimic natural systems, reducing the need for intensive maintenance while still achieving aesthetic appeal.

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