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Education and Training

I want to inspire a generation of ecological gardeners. Horticulture has been misrepresented in the mainstream as a luxury hobby or a low-skilled career which has affected its reputation. I want to help change the story of horticulture so that it’s seen as a cool and important career choice. I have been fortunate to have gained so much direction and purpose following a career in horticulture and permaculture that I hope to inspire others to follow this path.


Lectures and Talks


I welcome invitations to speak at events, gardening groups and educational centres.

I have a broad knowledge and practical experience in the land-based industry that I am comfortable talking about. I speak passionately about specific specialisms in ecological garden design, regenerative land management and edible horticulture.

If you are interested in hiring me to talk, I would be glad to hear from you. I hope that sharing this work will inspire others to take up a passionate hobby or career working with plants.

Previous lectures at The Eden Project, The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and The Beth Chatto Symposium.

Courses and Workshops


I offer courses and workshops on edible forest gardening, garden design and the business of being an ecological gardener. All teachings are based on my experience and knowledge gained from being a gardener since childhood, running a landscape business for 15 years and generally just being a plant nerd.

I have been lucky enough to have been taught by some incredible facilitators of experiential education and in 2023 I participated in Call of The Wild, a year-long program which facilitates experimental and nature-based education. These experiences have informed my teaching approach. Wherever possible I weave stories, activities, and discussions into my teaching to make learning fun and enjoyable.

I am available and taking bookings to visit your venue, land project or educational centre to host a course or workshop.

Ecological Horticulture CPDs

I am inspired to support gardening companies and crews to implement ecological approaches. These are training days to support and inspire members of your team to implement nature-based solutions to their gardening, design, or landscaping tool kit.

The focus of the garden and landscape industry is rapidly transitioning towards ecology and sustainability. Every business should be looking to implement current understanding, techniques, and approaches within their practice. I want to help support people in this work.

After 15 years of running a gardening, design, and landscaping business with a focus on ecological approaches, I have gained skills, knowledge and understanding in a wide range of areas that I am inspired to share. A day can be tailored to your team - whether your main focus is on horticulture, garden design or landscaping, I can create a programme that meets your needs. 

A day would typically be a blend of lectures, discussions, games, and activities. Blended learning helps suit different learning styles and makes learning fun. Previous clients have mentioned how it is also a great team-building day and brings the whole team closer.

Previous CPD days have been run with Harry Holding Studio and The Society of Garden Designers.



"It was probably the best course I've been on tbh! New thought-provoking ideas, pulling together strands of growing food, novel edibles, meadows, ecology, rewilding and more. Interactive too with games! Yes! Games!" 

- Cherry Taylor

"It was a brilliant day. Sid Hill is a natural educator. I learnt so much about plant communities and ecological design. It was interactive and informative and we had a great group of people. The venue was fantastic too. I would recommend!"

- Natalya Scott

"A fabulous workshop with Sid, taking us through his approach to ecological gardening and design with a mix of presentations and group activities. So much inspiration, and his passion and depth of knowledge really shine through. Thoroughly recommended."

- Belinda Cooper

"Sid delivered a brilliant workshop here at Damson Farm. His depth of knowledge and considered approach to structuring the day made it a stimulating and fun experience for everyone involved. Thanks Sid!"

- Alison Jenkins

“I attended a series of three lectures given by Sid on his creative approach to ecological gardening. I was completely inspired and came away with a renewed love for my chosen profession of gardening, brimming with ideas and practical tips. Thanks so much Sid for a brilliant day, I can't recommend you more highly.”

- Rosie Treharne

"Sid carried out a fantastic training day for my business - we're a team of designers and horticulturalists and Sid came to our workplace in London and ran a full day workshop on Ecological Garden Management. It was incredibly insightful and everyone absolutely loved the day. With a careful blend of lectures, fun activities and group discussion we covered a significant range of topics - always making it relatable to work we actually do. I couldn't recommend Sid more highly and would strongly advise upskilling yourself and team through getting him to do a workshop!"

- Harry Holding

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