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Edible Forest Gardens

What Is An Edible Forest Garden

An edible forest garden is designed to mimic a forest ecosystem. This ecological way of gardening optimises vertical growing space, utilises beneficial plant relationships, produces an abundance of food and thrives with biodiversity. 

Main Aims:

  • Site specific resilient biological system, capable of adapting to disturbances such as climate change, drought and floods

  • To be productive: including food; medicine; beauty; tea; and craft products 

  • Overtime have planned low maintenance requirements

Edible Forest Garden Visual 2.jpg

A dynamic planting, designed in layers.....

Canopy trees that are tall with an open branch structure to allow light into the lower layers. This layer is often functional, with plants fixing nitrogen. Alders fit this layer.

Understory of fruit, nut and spices trees. This layer can be highly productive. With Apples, Pears and Cornelian Cherry.

Shrub layer of Currents, Gooseberries and Honeyberry...

Climbing Layer of Gojiberry, Kiwiberry and Hablitzia tamnoides

Herbaceous layer of wildflowers, medicinal herbs and perennial vegetables. This layer is the most diverse to support pollinator species, provide beauty and build soil. 

Underground layer of root crops and edible & medicinal fungi.

Helping You Create Abundance

Rain Garden.jpg

Professional design service for new Edible Forest Gardens. 


Skilled helping hand to make your Edible Forest Garden a reality


Expert advice to transform your garden or landscape.

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