My Story

I have always been inspired by natural landscapes. My parents took an alternative approach to my education. Allowing and encouraging me to find my own path rather than going to school.  I spent much of my childhood travelling Europe, exploring landscapes and learning from the land on my families small-holding in rural Portugal. I was taught permaculture and helped manage our edible forest garden. These experiences were the seed that lead me to my current practice. 

As a teenager I returned to England to Study. Inspired by permaculture projects that re-greened deserts, rebuilt community and created thriving habitats. I soon found permaculture was not taught at college. I studied Countryside and Wildlife management, gaining a diverse knowledge and skill set for managing landscapes with traditional and modern techniques. 


I gained a fascination with plants, particularly those used for food, fibre, medicine and crafts. I embarked on a two year foundation degree studying ethnobotany with Plymouth University. My studies naturally progressed to focus on landscape design and complemented the knowledge I had gained in permaculture, ecology and ethnobotany. I studied landscape design for two years at The Eden Project. Receiving a 1st Class Honours degree. 

I specialise in creating and tending plantings that echo the structure, habits and aesthetic of meadows, woodlands and wetlands, whilst producing resources, restoring environments and improving peoples lives. My inspiration comes from the indigenous cultures that tend the wild for their needs. Cultivating crops in diverse ecosystems, in symbiosis with wildlife. My practice draws from this traditional ethno-ecological approach, with the addition of aesthetic design and current techniques in regenerative landscape management. 


I help people live sustainably on the land. Providing advice, support and education on regenerative landscape practices and permaculture. 


"Sid exceeded our expectations in every level. His design for our garden has made it through envy for the neighborhood. It stayed within our tailored budget, and he worked with us to create a design that felt like ours. We are so happy." Will, Truro