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Garden and Land Consultation

With Sid Hill

Garden Consultant recommended by Gardens Illustrated

Supporting people to use and manage their land whilst improving ecosystems

Consultation Offering

Whilst a garden designer can provide a comprehensive and beautiful design of your land, it is not always necessary to completely re-design your land or garden. All some people require is friendly, expert advice to inspire and coach you to use and manage your land in a way that perfectly suits your needs.


I have a passion for helping people find direction and inspiration for the use of their land. By using my experience and creativity we can make a clear path for management approaches, use, or design of your outdoor space, supporting you in making the most of the land for yourself and for nature.

On a typical garden coaching session, we will walk around your land discussing any thoughts and intentions you have for the place. I will offer my experience and ideas, teaching you about your garden, the plants, techniques of management and inspiring you to connect with the land and the opportunities it presents in an achievable way. 


Client Testimonials - Consulting & Land Coaching

“I just had the most amazing and inspiring meeting with Sid Hill. He spent the day with me talking through plans for tree planting and land management and I am now buzzing with ideas. He is full of knowledge and helpful advice - all of which he shares generously.  I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about the way ahead, with great plans but little idea of how to achieve them. For years I have just been muddling along. However by the end of a day with Sid I felt like a gardener, with a clear vision of the way ahead.  He is encouraging, inspiring and explains things in a very practical and straightforward way. Now I look forward to going outside, with a purpose and my secateurs.  With Sid's support I look forward to turn the land, little by little,  into a woodland garden for myself, my neighbours, and for all wildlife.”

Catherine Wilson

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