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 Land and ecological artisan, creating beautiful, abundant and thoughtful places.....


Sid Hill  is a multi award-winning ecological garden designer and artisan.. With a passion for working with plants and ecology to creatively remediate contemporary issues and adapt to the climate emergency. Sharing his work via Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.


What We Do

We provide an ecological design and creative practice with a focus on rewilding landscapes, creating edible ecosystems and artfully restoring environments. Based In St Ives Cornwall, working on projects across the UK, Portugal and particularly interested in taking on new clients in Italy.


 Working To:

Grow Food Ecologically

Catch & Store Water

Reconnect People & “Nature”

Increase Biodiversity & Health

Cool Urban Areas With Plants

Improve Peoples Mental-health

Capture & Store Carbon

Remediate pollution

Create Beautiful Places

What We Do

"I was home-educated, my childhood was spent learning skills and permaculture on our family small-holding.. I first became an ecological gardener and designer because I saw it as a way I could actively work to have a positive impact on the environment and society. It is time for humans to regenerate ecosystems and remediate the effects of climate change. I have spent my lifetime preparing myself to help people do this work"



Consultancy - Design - Plantings - Education


Ecological Land Design

Collaborating with clients to create bespoke ecological designs that support life and regenerate environments. Imaginative designs that rewild the land, rekindles our connection with nature and evokes minimalist natural aesthetic. 

Conceptual Designs


Planting Designs


Management Plans

Ecological Design

Client testimonials - Design & Landscaping

'We have been blown away by the creative journey Sid has taken us on. Our outside space is now an ever-changing, stimulating landscape to get lost in every time we go outside. Last night we all foraged for leaves and tempura'd what we found in situ whilst the bees, beetles and bats foraged around us. It's not a garden; it's a new way of life for us. We started with the idea of creating a meadow, but on the way Sid changed us and our understanding. Now there are numerous habitats, sequestering carbon, fostering a palpable increase of diversity of species, that feeds us sustainably as well. Couldn't recommend Sid's vision highly enough. He has a joyful approach to plant and ecology geekery that is infectious. Grab his expertise and passion before he gets famous!' Dr E.J 

Land & Permaculture Consulting

Support to help you realise your land or permaculture project. Consultancy and coaching  that meets you where you are mentally and physically with your project. Providing you with the skills and confidence to move forwards. Clients have discribed it like a "personal intensive course". Often a session will lead to interactive onsite design where you come away with a plan to guide you in tending the land.

IMG_5627 2.jpg

Learn To Grow A Beautiful, Abundant And Biodiverse Garden

A series of online courses to guide you in your journey with ecological gardening, permaculture design and sustainability skills.

First Course Launched

"How To Create A Garden Wildflower Meadow"

Clients testimonials - Consulting & Land Coaching

“I just had the most amazing and inspiring meeting with Sid Hill. He spent the day with me talking through plans for tree planting and land management and I am now buzzing with ideas. He is full of knowledge and helpful advice - all of which he shares generously.  I was feeling overwhelmed and confused about the way ahead, with great plans but little idea of how to achieve them. For years I have just been muddling along. However by the end of a day with Sid I felt like a gardener, with a clear vision of the way ahead.  He is encouraging, inspiring and explains things in a very practical and straightforward way. Now I look forward to going outside, with a purpose and my secateurs.  With Sid's support I look forward to turn the land, little by little,  into a woodland garden for myself, my neighbours, and for all wildlife.”

Catherine Wilson


Specialist Coaching Topics:


  • Creative Land Management & Rewilding

  • Land & Permaculture Design

  • Orchard Management & Pruning

  • Biodiverse Ponds & Water Catchment

  • Edible Forests, Meadows and Ecosystems


  • Wildflower Meadows 

  • Ecological Planting Design

  • Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation

  • Regenerative Business

  • Bio-intensive & No-Dig Vegetable Gardening



Biodiverse Ponds

Ponds are an ecological asset to any landscape or garden. Supporting a biodiverse web that ripples out into the surrounding environment. It is important for a thoughtful design to be applied so to enhance its ecological potential. Including a diversity of micro-habitats and plant species suited to their niche in the pond.


Clients testimonials - Pond Creation

“Sid and his team created a very successful wildlife pond and surrounding wildflower meadow in our existing young orchard in March/April. It has been an absolute pleasure to see the area transformed and brimming with flowers, insects and birds (we also know larger mammals are visiting too). Thanks Sid for your meticulous planning, drawings and execution of the project. Your infectious enthusiasm for ecological gardening is second to none!”

Sue Newell



Art, Ecology & Necessity 

Diverse and abundant plantings are a necessity for a future we want to inhabit. Specialising in creating ecological plantings for increased biodiversity, reduced maintenance and natural beauty. 

  • Edible Forest Gardens, meadows and ecosystems

  • Designed Meadows

  • Green Infrastructure Plantings

  • Restaurant & Cafe Plantings. 

  • Home Garden Plantings

  • Ecological Plantings For Business's

  • Community Gardens & Green Space Plantings


Ecological Art & Sculpture 

Artistic creations that restore ecosystems, engage imagination and inspires a wild aesthetic.



Nature is in a constant state of succession.  Dynamic and always changing. Without the disruption caused by forest fires, climate extremes and animal impact, we observe a reduction of biodiversity over time. Single species dominate until a disturbance sets back the clock. Scorched earth regenerates in succession. From bare earth to forests. Giving new opportunities for life to thrive. Coming back with increased diversity and health. The climate emergency is an opportunity for us to change. A catalyst so we learn to live in symbiosis with life. 



Sid has 13 years of professional experience running a landscape business and trained at the world renowned Eden Project, receiving a 1st Class Honours degree in Ethnobotany & Landscape Design. He has worked on a wide range of projects giving him international recognition. With work featuring on BBC Gardeners World, Permaculture Magazine, Bloom Magazine and multiple podcasts. He was a key contributor to the Helston Climate Action Plan and acted as a consultant for Helston Town Council to support them to adapt public landscape to the effects of climate change. Sid has taught nationally on permaculture design courses, held a position of lecturer and assessor at Duchy College and speaks regularly on subjects of sustainability and regenerative landscape practices.  For his work and commitment to sustainability, Sid was awarded the Prince Of Wales Trophy in Sustainable Horticulture and is a member of the Worshipful Company Of Gardeners Alumni. He was awarded the 30 Under 30 award by Pro Landscaper for being one of the top landscapers under 30 years old in the UK. 


Sids passion is to create landscapes and plantings that echo wild plant communities, meadows, woodlands and wetlands, whilst producing resources, restoring environments and improving peoples lives. He is passionate about working with plants to solve contemporary issues and regenerate landscapes. When creating landscapes and artwork he focuses on natural materials and thoughtful craftsmanship. 


The Wild Edible Garden

A short video tour of an edible forest garden I created. The garden mimics the structure of an open woodland, combining vertical layers of edible and useful plants. Under-sown with a wildflower mix and including artistic wildlife habitats. Visit my Youtube channel for more videos on ecological gardening, permaculture and edible forest gardening.


Follow my work and find inspiration on Permaculture, Ethnobotany & ecological art.


Trained By The Eden Project.  Specialising In Landscape Design & Ethnobotany


Awarded The 2015 Prince Of Wales Trophy In Sustainable Horticulture

30U30 Winner's Logo.png

Awarded Pro Landscaper's 30 Under 30 Top Landscapers


Featured  in Bloom Magazine

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Featured  in Permaculture Magazine


Featured on Horticulture Rising Podcast

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